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AOL Advertising

AOL Advertising's website provides advertisers, agencies and publishers with online advertising tools, while showcasing 80+ brands that are within AOL's network.

Environment Matters

"Environment Matters" campaign targeted ad agencies and brands. This highlighted the importance of the online environment in which ads run. Awarded Best B2B Branding Campaign, 2012 Digiday Awards.

AOL + The Huffington Post

AOL acquires The Huffington Post in early
2011 to build a more engaging web.

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An identity concept that gets to the heart of what AOL is about at CES 2013 - fulfilling the basic human needs to connect, communicate and share our world.


Visual branding for the 2014 Digital Content Newfront. A concept that shows the connection between content and consumer.

Sonic Union Prize Wheel

An office prize wheel for employees to win
goodies that are around Union Square, NYC.

Fernando Santangelo

Logo and identiy work for Fernando Santangelo,
a New York City based interior design firm.


Mobile app for AOL Scout. Designed to serve
all of AOL's 5,000+ workers to use everyday.

Winter Wonderland

Bad Feather Inc.'s stop motion holiday video.


Branding for Grow, a master class with speakers discussing advice and best practices to inspire up and coming people in the advertising and media industry excel at what they do.

Digital Content Newfront

An 80 page leave behind book for the 2013 Digital Content Newfront. This book showcases all of AOL On Original's curated library of premium video content.


A collection of research studies. Designing
data to be more than just numbers on a page.

Let Loose Series

Let Loose is a series that began in eary 2010 in hopes of getting those ideas that have been kicking around in your brain out and into the world, quickly.

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